Tuesday, December 4, 2012


This shrimp appetizer is one of my all time favorites.  Not only is it a crowd pleaser, but it dresses up the table as the perfect holiday centerpiece.  The best part?  It is really simple to make.  All you need is a styrofoam donut to make the shape of a wreath, kale and toothpicks to cover it, and finally shrimp and maraschino cherries to decorate it.  The secret to holding the kale in place is actually the toothpicks that are attached to the cherries.  Pretty fancy, huh?!?


                                                           25 Large Shrimp
                                                   1 Jar Maraschino Cherries
                                                        1 Jar Cocktail Sauce
                                                             2 Bundles Kale
                                                    Styrofoam Donut (14"x2")
                                                           Fancy Toothpicks


STEP 1:  Start by covering the top of the styrofoam donut with the kale.  Some of the sides of the styrofoam will still show.  You will fill in the sides of the donut once you have finished covering the top.  Insert each piece of kale all in the same direction using toothpicks.  It will take a couple of toothpicks to hold each piece in place.  At this point you will not be adding the cherries to the toothpicks at this time.  Adding the cherries will be one of the last steps.  

After covering the top of the styrofoam inspect the sides (inside and outside) for any styrofoam that is still visible and fill in those spaces with additional kale.

STEP 2:  Leaving existing toothpicks in place that are holding the kale, add shrimp to top of styrofoam base using new toothpicks. 

STEP 3:  Now is the time to add cherries to the toothpicks that are holding the kale in place.  Look throughout the kale for toothpicks that are not attached to shrimp.  Then holding the kale in place with one hand, carefully pull out each toothpick one at a time adding a cherry and then replace the toothpick with the cherry attached back into the styrofoam. 

STEP 4:  Fill a small circular dish with cocktail sauce for dipping and place inside the donut hole.

         You now have a gorgeously delicious centerpiece all your guests will rave about!!!

                                                                ~ Debbie ~

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